Let Orion & Zara teach your child about friendship & fun

This is the first book in a series that will add some wonder and fun to the relationship the real-life Orion and Zara have. You and your child will love to see the illustrations and fun antics Orion and Zara get into!

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Meet Orion & Zara

Orion is a Friesian horse that has a very special connection to Zara the Great Dane. It was clear when they had something special that others would enjoy them too!  They are an example of, despite being so different, they can play and have fun!

Meet Orion & Zara
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A Message to Parents

Animals have always been a big part of our lives. Many of us have precious memories of pets we have had growing up and enjoy ones we have now!  This series was designed to help kids learn about animals and their personalities. To have respect, empathy, learn responsibility, overcome fear and appreciate their beauty and roles they play in our lives. By offering a more personal experience, children that don’t have access to horses and dogs can learn about them close up.