Meet Orion & Zara

A Friesian and Great Dane Friendship

Orion and Zara have a unique connection that is very special!  Zara is a 2 year old blue Great Dane, she knows many commands and is the sweetest girl. She likes all animals and is eager to explore her surroundings and who she might be able to visit at the farm. Orion is a 16 year old Friesian horse that is very social and interactive with people and other animals. He is also trained in dressage, and loves to go on long trail rides with his mom!

A touching moment between Orion the Friesian horse and Zara the Great Dane. Orion and Zara nuzzle each other.

Orion & Zara Love to Play Together

The special friendship really gives some adorable moments of these two!  Check out our TikTok and YouTube channels for some fun videos to watch!

Friesian Horses

Portrait of Orion, a Friesian horse emerging from a dark background into the light

The Friesian horse is a very old and distinguished breed. The ancestors of the modern Friesians were used in medieval times to carry knights to battle.  Because of their color and striking appearance, Friesian horses are a popular breed in movies and television, particularly in historic and fantasy dramas. They are viewed as calm in the face of the activity associated with filmmaking, but also elegant on-camera.

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Great Danes

Portrait of Zara, a Great Dane, looking off into the sunset

The Great Dane, also known as the German Mastiff or Deutsche Dogge, is a breed of dog from Germany. The Great Dane descends from hunting dogs known from the Middle Ages and is one of the largest breeds in the world. The Great Dane's large and imposing appearance is opposite to its friendly nature. They are known for seeking physical affection with their owners, and the breed is often referred to as a "gentle giant".

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